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How Bail Bonds in Fort Lupton Colorado Work

How Bail Works While

some arrested individuals remain in jail until their court dates, others are released on bail.

Bail exists to ensure that arrested individuals will appear at all their necessary court dates. It can be paid in a variety of forms, including cash and property. Bail amounts will vary depending on the seriousness of the crime, the defendant’s criminal record, and the amount of evidence against them. Judges will also consider whether or not the defendant poses a flight risk. Bail incentivizes the defendant to show up in court. If they do show up, the court returns most of their money to them. However, if the defendant fails to appear, they will lose their bail money. In addition, the defendant will suffer serious legal consequences.

County Detention Centers

At the Arapahoe County Detention Center, bonds can be posted at any time of day. Although these bonds can be paid in via check or money order, the $10 bond fee must be paid in cash.

Your loved one will likely be released after 2-6 hours. Your bail agent must make an appointment to post bond.  The center houses, on average, 1400 inmates and has been accredited by the American Correctional Association since 1991.

In the Adams County Detention Facility, the jail collects the same $10 fee. However, the release time, on average, is a little longer—up to 12 hours. Once again, an appointment is required to post bond. These bond fees are also not refundable, and there may be additional fees for municipal and county bonds.

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What happens if you don’t honor your bond?

The short answer: it’s serious. An arrest warrant will be issued, and police may search your workplace, residence, and car. Your friends and family members will be questioned and may even be surveilled in the police’s efforts to locate you.

When the police find you, you will immediately be taken back to jail. You may be charged additional fees and your sentence might increase. The bail bonds company also has the right to sue you for the bail amount.

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