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What is a Bond

Simply put, a bond is an obligation that insures payment of sum of money. Bonds ensure payment of a specific amount (on a specific date) is made from one party to another.

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Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds are a type of Surety Bond from a surety bond company (like us) through a licensed Bail Bondsman or Bail agent that secures the release of a defendant from jail.

Generally speaking, judges take into account a wide variety of factors when determining bail amounts and can vary from jurisdiction. States typically put a cap on how much interest can be charged with the typical rate being 10%.

Two types of Bail Bonds are Criminal Bail Bonds and Civil Bail Bonds.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is payment that allows someone who is arrested to be released from jail.

The money serves as a promise to the court that they will show up to all of their necessary court dates. It also incentivizes the person to show up, because if they do, they will get their money back. The full amount must be paid in order for the inmate to be released from jail.

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How is a bail bond determined?

You will find out whether or not you’re eligible for bail during your arraignment hearing. There are three main reasons that you might have a high bail or be denied bail altogether.

  • You’ve committed a violent crime
  • You have a criminal record
  • You’re considered a flight risk

What are the types of bail bonds in Aurora, CO?

There are several different types of bail bonds. They include:

  • Personal recognizance bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • Property bonds
  • PR bonds with co-signer
  • Surety bonds

Personal recognizance

This is simply a promise to the court that the defendant will show up to court at the correct date and time as required.


With this bond, the defendant must pay the full amount in cash.


Rather than money, the equity in property is put up for a bond. These have to be handled at the Arapahoe County Combined Court Clerk’s office, as the Detention Center doesn’t handle them. Houses, jewelry, and vehicles are the most common types of property used for property bonds.

PR bonds with con-signer

These bonds are paid for by the defendant and a co-signer. There are specific requirements for the co-signer that they must meet. Both parties will be responsible for paying the bond.


This is when a bail bond agency like Fort Lupton Bail Bonds pays the bail in the defendant’s place. In exchange, the bail bonds company usually receives 10% of the bond amount.